Everything You Need To Know About Smart Electric Meter

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Electric Meter

Nowadays, people make use of different energy meters and one of the popularly known meter is the so-called smart meters. This kind of meter empowers the consumers because these meters gives control of their energy use, especially to restrict the power usage of power-hungry appliances. Because of this, they could adopt easily to the energy competence measure.  A smart electric meter is a very great solution when you wanted to save costs from your energy bills. Since this kind of meters have advanced functional features, more and more people are getting interested in getting one in their respective homes and offices.

These meters utilize a wireless technology of sending the meter readings of your electricity. Its automation makes it very much accessible to electric consumers to check on their electricity consumption. There are many types meters for example the Iskra meter is a great option.

What are the intelligent functions of this new and advanced electric meters?

  1. These meters will allow you to check your energy consumption with an in-home display. Nowadays, these devices work with phone-type signals. If you wanted another option to view it, then, you can download a detailed data of your transaction history from your home network.
  2. One of its features also is, you do not have to wait for your energy supplier for the readings because it directly communicates with your energy supplier. This saves you time and effort.
  3. Smart meters provide you with authentic information on your energy usage. Plus, it is interpreted in pounds and in pence helping you to budget better.
  4. If you wanted to check out the best deals from the various electricity suppliers, then this smart electricity meter allows you to switch from one supplier to another with great convenience.
  5. Although you are going to pay for the cost of your smart meter, you won’t need to have further maintenance of the device.
  6. The prepayment method of this device will give you more advantages compared to the standard meters. The following are the additional benefits:
  • You could easily top up credits on your meters. If your energy supplier have a flexible way to top up loads, then as a consumer, you do not need to visit registered payment shops and stations to load credits.
  • The balance of your credits will be displayed in the in-home display so you can track the record of your remaining credits.
  • If you happen to run out of power, the smart meter could be set to top up credits automatically. This feature will ensure that you will not run out of power especially at night when all the top-up shops are closed.
  1. The new smart meters have well-defined consumer protections as per government order. Here are the following provisions which are given emphasis:
  • Before the visit, the installers should duly ask permission to the consumer and schedule an appointment.
  • During the installation process, there will be no sales allowed.
  • As part of the visit, the installers must make sure that they will give clear explanations and advice to the consumers for further knowledge and clarifications.

Why Hire a Marquee for an Outdoor Wedding?

Why Hire a Marquee for an Outdoor Wedding?

Hiring a marquee offers numerous benefits, and especially if you’ve planned to have your wedding in the outdoors. The most important one, of course, has to be the fact that a marquee offers you a stylish canopy which provides shelter from that terrible weather we have here in the UK. But, that’s not all, and if you’ve ever wondered why some people hire marquees for their wedding, this is the article for you.

First of all, it should be said that not every marquee wedding is the same, because some people decide only to organize a wedding reception in the marquee, while others hold the entire wedding day in a marquee. This includes the lunch, the actual wedding ceremony, the speeches, the gifts distribution among the ladies, the dinner meal, and even a dance after all of that. Some guests don’t even leave the marquee, while others only do it to take some pictures. If the weather is great, than you can hold the entire ceremony outside, but it’s always good to have a back-up plan, and that’s where a marquee steps in.

Some people even like the weddings under a marquee so much that the set them up in the grounds of a hotel, and then let the hotel staff organize the whole thing, including the food, the drinks, the waiters, the music, the flower arrangements, decor, etc. Cap Marquees are a family run business and they mention that wedding marquees set the atmosphere and make the event even more amazing than it already is. This can be a great thing when organizing a wedding with a huge number of guests; it gives you more time to enjoy the day and join the fun without having to worry about every single thing all the time. Also, this is a great thing to consider, because when you’re next to a hotel, the wedding guests can just use the hotel facilities, can park their cars in the hotel’s parking lot, or can go upstairs to one of the rooms if they’re feeling tires or unwell. So, basically, these people are organizing a wedding with all the benefits a hotel has to offer, but still managing to keep it personal; all with the help of a marquee.

However, if you have a huge garden or a backyard, that would be a perfect place for a marquee. This is perfect for all the people out there who wish to organize a wedding near their own home, in which the newlyweds are going to live afterwards. This could be a bit more stressful or time consuming, but no one says that the happy couple has to do all the work – they can hire a wedding organizer or just have family members do it for them; it could be a nice wedding present. This also offers many benefits to the guests, including all the ones mentioned above, but just with the happy couple’s house instead of a hotel. It allows for a much more freedom, and is usually considered a lot more personal.

It is no wonder that more and more people are deciding to hire a marquee for their wedding; it offers many benefits and helps create a better atmosphere for a wedding party.


How to Find a Good Sash Window Firm in Essex

How to Find a Good Sash Window Firm in Essex

Finding a good sash window company could be difficult, especially when you remember the fact that this is a firm that is going to be responsible for an important segment of your home – the windows, which need to be safe, functional, and not allow anyone to get inside through them, or look through them, in case of your modern luxurious bathroom with high-tech shower heads. Basically, you need to find a firm that knows what it’s doing, and in order to do that, you should really go through these 4 steps. They are going to help you find a sash company that is the best in this business and that offers the best terms and the best possible sash windows. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to the steps you ought to take in order to find a good sash windows firm in Essex, but keep in mind that these steps can also be employed in other locations throughout the world.

First Step – Go Online

There are numerous websites online that deal with numerous things. And this may shock you, but there really are websites that rank sash window firms. Go on one of those websites and try to find a list of sash window companies in your area. Make sure you find the exact firm that deal with the exact kind of windows you need.

Second Step – Make a Shortlist

Once you’ve come across such a list, start looking for the sash window firms that are rated the best and that have the best reviews. Keep in mind that these rates and reviews were given and left by the clients of these firms. This will give you a great insight into what kind of companies they are, if they are any good, if they are expensive, what kind of a work ethics they have, etc. Then, make a shortlist of the best firms from that list you’ve found on this website.

Third Step – Start Dialling

Once you’ve made a shortlist of the best sash window firms in Essex, you really ought to start calling them and asking about their services. Make sure you ask them about their prices, about their availability, about the types of windows they make and install, etc. Ask them everything you need and want to know about their business. If you start to think that you’ve already found the perfect sash window company, pull yourself together, because you have to call all of them first. Who knows, perhaps the next one is going to offer better terms than the previous one.

Final Step – Pick One and Arrange a Meeting

Once you’ve finished calling all of them, see which one of them has offered the best terms. Then, pick that one. Now that you’ve found a good and reputable sash window firm, all that’s left for you to do is to arrange a meeting with them and sign the deal. And, that’s pretty much it; you’ve found the company that is going to settle your sash window issue with the most positive outcome available.


The Top Tips in Getting Less Rubbish in your Homes

The Top Tips in Getting Less Rubbish in your Homes

If you are planning to sell your residential spaces and you need a cleaning service which can remove everything for a new tenant and buyer, then you need to find a best house rubbish clearance that can help you solve this problem. CJL House Clearances in Essex carries the all-out full residential rubbish clearances that covers houses, flats, bedsits and bungalows. The services include removing items such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, desks, clothing, boxes, curtains, carpets, toys, other appliances  like freezers, cookers, fridges, air conditioners etc. and general unwanted junks which are just laying around the house and can take up space inside the house. In the clearing process, they can perform inside the garages, lofts, sheds and basements.


Now, to give you some sort of advice with regards to reducing your rubbish, this article would expand fully the things you need to do:


  • Learn to recycle and identify the things you can’t recycle

Recycling is one of the best ways in order to reduce the rubbish inside your homes. When we say recycling, it is the process to make something new from something that has been used before and recycling is important to conserve raw materials and reduce the need to consume other precious resources. Thus, there is a need for you to let the whole household do the same. Recyclable solid local materials can be made into useful products and remember that there are different categories of recycled materials hence, you need to sort them or separate them through various bins materials that can be recycled are paper, cardboard, plastic, tin cans, bottles, glass and many more. If you succeed in this, you will definitely be surprised of how much items you can recycle per week. Live a greener life.


  • Reduce what you buy and you can reduce your rubbish

Your rubbish is mostly coming from the things that you buy. Therefore, you should learn how to reduce the things that can give you more rubbish. Reducing is the process to make less garbage, in doing so, you can minimize the things you throw to your bin. Like for example, you can use a filter in your water systems rather than just buying water bottles, you can use a rechargeable battery rather than buying a non-rechargeable ones every time. Also, in the kitchen, buy items in refillable containers, Avoid buying disposable items or single use products such as batteries, razors, utensils, plates, cups etc., use cloth bag/eco bag/paper bag/native baskets instead of plastic bag, when you buy groceries. Reducing is important because they decrease the amount of waste on the planet.

  • Practice the habit of reusing

Reusing is the act of utilizing again the things which can still be used in the same purpose. A great example to this is using both sides of paper and printing and re-use as scratch paper, gift wrapper, etc. In addition to this, you can buy durable food/storage containers and reuse them instead of using foil, plastic bags/wrap. Furthermore, Materials that can be reuse are empty cans, bottle of all sizes, cups plates, glasses, broken iron grills, wood parts of furniture, medicine vials, cosmetic bottle, and trays.



3 Important Keys to Consider in Creating Temporary offices for construction sites

3 Important Keys to Consider in Creating Temporary offices for construction sites

In construction sites, you definitely need a temporary office space where you can cater the needs of the workers, entertain issues, work on papers and do work-related things. Hence, if you are searching for one good, quality temporary office, then online, you can see a huge spectrum options. In fact, you can choose from a wide range of construction office trailers to the modernized portable office buildings and Kiosks from Protect GRP (more info: http://www.protectgrp.com). Now, how would you know what the best option is? Well, you need to figure out what you need then consider several things to narrow down your options.

Below is the comprehensive list of factors to consider in choosing the best Temporary offices for construction sites for you.

  • Space

You need to consider how much area you need for the office. Of course, you need to think about what you are going to use it for so you can estimate the area. In estimating the space, you need to also note the following:

  1. Space for customers—If the office is designed to entertain customers, then it should be bigger but if it is just a temporary space where you will not cater customers, then choose a smaller one.
  2. Number of employees— In finding out how much space you need, you also have to consider the number of employees who will use the office. The average rule of thumb in temporary space is 100 to 150 square feet per employee. This is good basis to use for calculations. Question to be raised is, will these employees work in the facility in the entire shift? The answer to this question has bearing on the size of the facility.


In addition to this, consider the type of employee as well. Note that clerical employees should need a space for the desks, filing cabinets, storage and chairs. Moreover, it can’t be helped that the construction employees will come in and out of the office to fill out paperwork or take breaks hence, you need to find a way to make a room for the employees and customers who wants to conduct business with you. It is best suggested to create separate areas for the two.


  • Features

The features of your temporary office should be clearly noted before you decide in getting one. Like for example, you need to specify whether you are going to need air conditioning or heating systems inside the office. Another thing to point is, the kind of floor you are going to use. There are temporary offices who prefer carpeting but if the office is for construction, then the vinyl floors are suitable. You might as well like to get some add-on features such as carpet with paneled walls for a good set-up, skirting to make the office appear permanent, solid ramps for safety and a coffee bar for the customers and workers.

  • Length of time you need the office for

How long would you need the temporary office? That is a good question to ask. Now, if you are only going to use it for just several weeks or few months, then do not put big importance on the accessories. Simple efficiency is the key to cut down the cost. If you are going to bring these mobile offices to new job sites with the same employees, then make sure that the office you are going to choose is easy to put up and down.


DIY Tips: Install CCTV DVR in 5 Easy steps

Installing CCTV Camera Systems are becoming more and more popular with the growing distress over property safety measures. Every person or business entity has a wide choice over their video surveillance system but is greatly dependent with their personal needs and financial plan. However, one issue stands out all the time: the installation process of the entire system. To solve that, here are 5 DIY tips on installing a CCTV System.
Tip 1: Know all the stuff in the box

First thing is to unbox and take out all contents in the package and figure out what each part is or if anything is not included based on the user manual. Second, lay everything in the box on a flat surface. The initial visual presentation to a complex product kit would help you familiarize product contents prior to your product installation. Last thing is to sort similar items next to each other for further familiarisation and easy grab.


Tip 2: Connect your DVR to Power, USB Mouse & Monitor

After gaining a better knowledge about each part of the system, next is to connect the DVR to the power supply, USB mouse and monitor.

First thing is to use the power cable and connect a side to the DC-12V interface on the back of your DVR. The other one will be linked straight to a power source. It is then noticeable that the signal light next to the Ethernet interface lit up. Next up is to plug in the USB mouse to any of the USB interface to use it as a controller for the monitors.

The last stop is connecting the DVR to the monitor. Depending on the choice of monitor, the choice is use the VGA interface or the HDMI interface.


Tip 3: Connect your Cameras to the DVR and Power Source

      All video input and output interface adopt the BNC interface and the coaxial cable. It is advised to use the BNC connector rather than the usual RCA connections. In case there is a need to install additional cameras, it is recommended to make sure it supports BNC or just buy a RCA-to-BNC adaptors. Every side of the coax cable has a clear indication of which side it is for. Following the labels and connecting it to its designated ports is advised. Repeat the same steps until all cameras are fully installed using the coax cable and power splitter cable.
Step 4 – Camera Testing

The testing phase is the next step and then followed by the mounting of camera to the desired area, whether the wall or ceiling in order to complete the CCTV installation.
Tip 5 – DVR Testing
The CCTV DVR kit installation can be checked and finished by considering things like the network setup program- if it is easy to navigate, ways to set up remote access, changing setting of automatic motion detection and setting up the email account to be used for e-mail alerts.

Installing CCTV systems are not as complex as many articles in the Internet say. It is just a matter of understanding and familiarizing each component in the package bought and the patience to follow each step given in the manual. Alternative is to call in the professionals, companies, including All Security Solutions are able to install these systems professionally.  So there you have it! 5 easy tips to install your CCTV System.


Tips When Using An Electric Gate

Tips When Using An Electric Gate

Stand Clear When Opening And Closing

Make sure that no one is standing anywhere near the gate when it’s opening or closing. This is to avoid instances where someone might get injured or, heaven forbid, die from being entrapped in swinging or sliding gates.

Double Check For The “UL” Mark

This mark signifies that this particular electric gate is genuine and has been tested for safety. If you can’t see it then you might be risking a faulty machine from being used in your home and malfunctioning and probably cause accident.

Don’t Try To Operate Your Gate Opener Control With Your Hands

Standing near the gate and reaching through the motorized gate when controlling it is unsafe.  This is one of the acts that UL Safety Standard prohibits.

Controls Should Be Positioned 10-Feet Away From The Controller

Aside from the not allowing anyone near the gate when it’s being operated, it’s also a must that the gate controls are installed and positioned at least 10 feet away from the person controlling it. This should eliminate the risk of him/her touching the gate or the opener.

Don’t Let Kids Play Alongside Electric Gates

If adults are advised to stand clear from the gate, for kids it’s even more so. So early on, teach them that no playing near the gate is allowed, especially if it’s opening or closing. Explain why so they don’t grow curious and see for themselves what happens if they do what you told them not to. If they’re old enough, you can teach them safety measures when they’re near the electric gate.

Buy parts from an approved store

From time to time you’ll find that you may need to order a new part or a  remote for your electric gate kits, but when you do ensure you buy from a reputable source who are a specialist in this to reduce the risk of buying dodgy parts.