Plastic In The Home, A Revolution

In the age of being eco friendly we are doing everything in our home to stay good to our environment. The truth is we use plastic for everything. In fact we need the use of plastic. It is a material that is durable, strong, clear, reusable and pretty much everything we would need in an all purpose material. If you doubt just how much we use plastic here are just a few areas where the material dominates.

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The Garden

The garden may be all-natural but realistically any installation needs be durable to the weather. Though gardens typically just consist of flowers there people often have sheds in order to house their work and garden tools. Alternatively if you love grown and have the green thumb you may even have a green house. What do both these building have in common? Plastic. Plastic windows and plastic walls.6915713-tulips-flower-garden-1


Traditionally in the home pipes were made of metal. All of us homeowners maintain the idea metal is solid and strong but it has one fatal weakness that could leave your home in a state should anything go rung. That problem is rust. Metal pipes used in plumbing are prone to rust and though for the first 10-15 years of use they may withstand the test plastic pipes are a much viable option.Questions-to-ask-a-plumber-before-employing-them


Mirrors are something every home cannot do without. In modern home renovation a mirror could be found in almost any room, from wardrobe doors to on the bathroom wall. Traditionally mirrors are made of glass but for duration with the same purpose you can actually use plastic, specifically acrylic mirror.ArchPaneMirror1-360x360


Most homeowners take great care of the furniture but with use products are bound to receive wear and tear. That is why plastic furniture is commonly found in almost any home.Modern-Stylish-Plastic-Lounge-Chairs-Design-Ideas