Home Safety: How To Know If You Have Faulty Electric Metre

electrical_issuesWhen it comes to your supply of electricity, the two components you can actually observe near or inside your house are the electric metres and electrical conductors. Both electric metres and electrical conductors should be on top condition in order for you to efficiently use your electricity. Though these components work hand in hand, electric metres and electrical conductors have different effects if they become faulty. For electrical conductors, the two possibilities will be your supply of electricity will be cut off or the electrical conductor will get shorted potentially causing a fire. On the other hand, faulty electric metres could increase your electrical bill even with the same energy consumption. When it comes to faulty electric metre, here are some tips on how to know if you have a faulty electric metre. Alternatively you can also install an energy monitoring system.

  1. Unexpected or higher bill – This is the most common symptom for a faulty electric metre. If your electric bill is way higher that your normal payment, consider having your electric metre check by a professional.
  2. Messages on display – Normally digital electric metres especially prepayment metre will show reading on the display. If it becomes faulty, the electric metre will show messages such as “error”, “call help” or “battery”. You need to contact your energy supplier immediately to minimize power interruption.
  3. Moving metre without using any electricity – If the electric metre is moving when no appliance or a light is on, then the electric metre is faulty. You need to coordinate with your electricity supplier to have your electric metre replaced.
  4. Fast moving electric metre – There are two causes when your electric metre moves too fast. It could be that your appliance is faulty or the electric metre. The best way to determine which the exact cause is to test your appliances one by one. If the electric metre moves too fast on only one appliance then it is the appliance that is faulty. If the electric metre moves too fast on all appliance, it is the metre.

Remember that electric metres and electrical conductors are the lifeline of your electrical supply. Once you think you might have faulty electric metres or electrical conductors to prevent paying too much on your electric bill, do not hesistate to have a professional or your power supplier check your electric lines. If you have faulty electric metres and electric conductors, have your supplier replace them instead of simply fixing them to ensure you will not have to deal such situation in the near future.