Pros and cons of solar panels

Pros and cons of solar panels

If you are hunting for solar panels, you need to choose such a location where you can utilize the maximum energy from the natural source of the sun. The weather conditions need to be warm and sunny. Such is considered to be convenient for the generation of electricity or power from the sun.

Availability of the products in abundance

When you explore the market of solar panels, you will not be disappointed with the accessibility of plethora of such products available at an amazingly affordable and pocket friendly price rates. It varies in size, functionality, quality, power output, price rates and so on. It is your responsibility to ensure that you pick up the right product in accordance to your needs and requirements. For mis sold solar panel claims you shouldn’t be concerned as there are ways to deal with.

This is not a new concept

If you explore the market minutely and study the concept of solar power devices, you will come to know that this is not a new concept and has been in practice since the ancient times. People have realized the importance of the source of natural sunlight in the olden days also and have since then utilized the concept of generating power from it through variable devices.

Why should you opt for solar panels?

The use of solar panels in the present era rises from the fact that natural resources are fast getting extinct. Moreover, the rising consumption of electricity along with the increasing power bills is creating hurdles and challenges in the lives of people. The use of solar power system seems to be the perfect alternative option available currently and it has brought a revolution.

Advantages of solar panels

There is no doubt to the fact that solar panels are beneficial. They can curtail your bills, but they have certain cons as well. Check them out here in this article. There are several advantages of installing such devices as well. They are:

  • Since solar panels don’t emit any harmful and hazardous gases they don’t pose any risk to human health and also contribute towards greener planet and sustainable development.
  • This is a one-time investment as once the installation is done; you don’t have to bother about other charges. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any operation or fuel to run it. As long as the sun is there, you have the opportunity to generate power and produce electricity.
  • They are safe to use and the maintenance cost is also minimal. Furthermore, the durability of such items is worth the notice and appraisal.

There are cons as well

Some of the cons of solar panels include:

  • The initial cost of installing the solar panels is quite an expensive affair. This is one of the prime reasons why, despite the benefits of using it, people are unable to install at their homes.
  • You need to have a large space or area for the solar panel setup. This could also cause a lot of mess, we recommend contacting Cleaners of London, even though they specialise in end of tenancy cleaning in London. They’re perfect for the job
  • The storage of the solar panel batteries is costly.
  • The power production is only possible during the day when there is sun. On a cloudy day, this is not a possibility.



Everything You Need To Know About Smart Electric Meter

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Electric Meter

Nowadays, people make use of different energy meters and one of the popularly known meter is the so-called smart meters. This kind of meter empowers the consumers because these meters gives control of their energy use, especially to restrict the power usage of power-hungry appliances such as washing machines, televisions and powerful air conditioners. Because of this, they could adopt easily to the energy competence measure.  A smart electric meter is a very great solution when you wanted to save costs from your energy bills. Since this kind of meters have advanced functional features, more and more people are getting interested in getting one in their respective homes and offices.

These meters utilize a wireless technology of sending the meter readings of your electricity. Its automation makes it very much accessible to electric consumers to check on their electricity consumption. There are many types meters for example the Iskra meter is a great option.

What are the intelligent functions of this new and advanced electric meters?

  1. These meters will allow you to check your energy consumption with an in-home display. Nowadays, these devices work with phone-type signals. If you wanted another option to view it, then, you can download a detailed data of your transaction history from your home network.
  2. One of its features also is, you do not have to wait for your energy supplier for the readings because it directly communicates with your energy supplier. This saves you time and effort.
  3. Smart meters provide you with authentic information on your energy usage. Plus, it is interpreted in pounds and in pence helping you to budget better.
  4. If you wanted to check out the best deals from the various electricity suppliers, then this smart electricity meter allows you to switch from one supplier to another with great convenience.
  5. Although you are going to pay for the cost of your smart meter, you won’t need to have further maintenance of the device.
  6. The prepayment method of this device will give you more advantages compared to the standard meters. The following are the additional benefits:
  • You could easily top up credits on your meters. If your energy supplier have a flexible way to top up loads, then as a consumer, you do not need to visit registered payment shops and stations to load credits.
  • The balance of your credits will be displayed in the in-home display so you can track the record of your remaining credits.
  • If you happen to run out of power, the smart meter could be set to top up credits automatically. This feature will ensure that you will not run out of power especially at night when all the top-up shops are closed.
  1. The new smart meters have well-defined consumer protections as per government order. Here are the following provisions which are given emphasis:
  • Before the visit, the installers should duly ask permission to the consumer and schedule an appointment.
  • During the installation process, there will be no sales allowed.
  • As part of the visit, the installers must make sure that they will give clear explanations and advice to the consumers for further knowledge and clarifications.

Home Safety: How To Know If You Have Faulty Electric Metre

electrical_issuesWhen it comes to your supply of electricity, the two components you can actually observe near or inside your house are the electric metres and electrical conductors. Both electric metres and electrical conductors should be on top condition in order for you to efficiently use your electricity. Though these components work hand in hand, electric metres and electrical conductors have different effects if they become faulty. For electrical conductors, the two possibilities will be your supply of electricity will be cut off or the electrical conductor will get shorted potentially causing a fire. On the other hand, faulty electric metres could increase your electrical bill even with the same energy consumption. When it comes to faulty electric metre, here are some tips on how to know if you have a faulty electric metre. Alternatively you can also install an energy monitoring system.

  1. Unexpected or higher bill – This is the most common symptom for a faulty electric metre. If your electric bill is way higher that your normal payment, consider having your electric metre check by a professional.
  2. Messages on display – Normally digital electric metres especially prepayment metre will show reading on the display. If it becomes faulty, the electric metre will show messages such as “error”, “call help” or “battery”. You need to contact your energy supplier immediately to minimize power interruption.
  3. Moving metre without using any electricity – If the electric metre is moving when no appliance or a light is on, then the electric metre is faulty. You need to coordinate with your electricity supplier to have your electric metre replaced.
  4. Fast moving electric metre – There are two causes when your electric metre moves too fast. It could be that your appliance is faulty or the electric metre. The best way to determine which the exact cause is to test your appliances one by one. If the electric metre moves too fast on only one appliance then it is the appliance that is faulty. If the electric metre moves too fast on all appliance, it is the metre.

Remember that electric metres and electrical conductors are the lifeline of your electrical supply. Once you think you might have faulty electric metres or electrical conductors to prevent paying too much on your electric bill, do not hesistate to have a professional or your power supplier check your electric lines. If you have faulty electric metres and electric conductors, have your supplier replace them instead of simply fixing them to ensure you will not have to deal such situation in the near future.