3 Important Keys to Consider in Creating Temporary offices for construction sites

3 Important Keys to Consider in Creating Temporary offices for construction sites

In construction sites, you definitely need a temporary office space where you can cater the needs of the workers, entertain issues, work on papers and do work-related things. Hence, if you are searching for one good, quality temporary office, then online, you can see a huge spectrum options. In fact, you can choose from a wide range of construction office trailers to the modernized portable office buildings and Kiosks from Protect GRP (more info: http://www.protectgrp.com). Now, how would you know what the best option is? Well, you need to figure out what you need then consider several things to narrow down your options.

Below is the comprehensive list of factors to consider in choosing the best Temporary offices for construction sites for you.

  • Space

You need to consider how much area you need for the office. Of course, you need to think about what you are going to use it for so you can estimate the area. In estimating the space, you need to also note the following:

  1. Space for customers—If the office is designed to entertain customers, then it should be bigger but if it is just a temporary space where you will not cater customers, then choose a smaller one.
  2. Number of employees— In finding out how much space you need, you also have to consider the number of employees who will use the office. The average rule of thumb in temporary space is 100 to 150 square feet per employee. This is good basis to use for calculations. Question to be raised is, will these employees work in the facility in the entire shift? The answer to this question has bearing on the size of the facility.


In addition to this, consider the type of employee as well. Note that clerical employees should need a space for the desks, filing cabinets, storage and chairs. Moreover, it can’t be helped that the construction employees will come in and out of the office to fill out paperwork or take breaks hence, you need to find a way to make a room for the employees and customers who wants to conduct business with you. It is best suggested to create separate areas for the two.


  • Features

The features of your temporary office should be clearly noted before you decide in getting one. Like for example, you need to specify whether you are going to need air conditioning or heating systems inside the office. Another thing to point is, the kind of floor you are going to use. There are temporary offices who prefer carpeting but if the office is for construction, then the vinyl floors are suitable. You might as well like to get some add-on features such as carpet with paneled walls for a good set-up, skirting to make the office appear permanent, solid ramps for safety and a coffee bar for the customers and workers.

  • Length of time you need the office for

How long would you need the temporary office? That is a good question to ask. Now, if you are only going to use it for just several weeks or few months, then do not put big importance on the accessories. Simple efficiency is the key to cut down the cost. If you are going to bring these mobile offices to new job sites with the same employees, then make sure that the office you are going to choose is easy to put up and down.