Tips When Using An Electric Gate

Tips When Using An Electric Gate

Stand Clear When Opening And Closing

Make sure that no one is standing anywhere near the gate when it’s opening or closing. This is to avoid instances where someone might get injured or, heaven forbid, die from being entrapped in swinging or sliding gates.

Double Check For The “UL” Mark

This mark signifies that this particular electric gate is genuine and has been tested for safety. If you can’t see it then you might be risking a faulty machine from being used in your home and malfunctioning and probably cause accident.

Don’t Try To Operate Your Gate Opener Control With Your Hands

Standing near the gate and reaching through the motorized gate when controlling it is unsafe.  This is one of the acts that UL Safety Standard prohibits.

Controls Should Be Positioned 10-Feet Away From The Controller

Aside from the not allowing anyone near the gate when it’s being operated, it’s also a must that the gate controls are installed and positioned at least 10 feet away from the person controlling it. This should eliminate the risk of him/her touching the gate or the opener.

Don’t Let Kids Play Alongside Electric Gates

If adults are advised to stand clear from the gate, for kids it’s even more so. So early on, teach them that no playing near the gate is allowed, especially if it’s opening or closing. Explain why so they don’t grow curious and see for themselves what happens if they do what you told them not to. If they’re old enough, you can teach them safety measures when they’re near the electric gate.

Buy parts from an approved store

From time to time you’ll find that you may need to order a new part or a  remote for your electric gate kits, but when you do ensure you buy from a reputable source who are a specialist in this to reduce the risk of buying dodgy parts.