Why Hire a Marquee for an Outdoor Wedding?

Why Hire a Marquee for an Outdoor Wedding?

Hiring a marquee offers numerous benefits, and especially if you’ve planned to have your wedding in the outdoors. The most important one, of course, has to be the fact that a marquee offers you a stylish canopy which provides shelter from that terrible weather we have here in the UK. But, that’s not all, and if you’ve ever wondered why some people hire marquees for their wedding, this is the article for you.

First of all, it should be said that not every marquee wedding is the same, because some people decide only to organize a wedding reception in the marquee, while others hold the entire wedding day in a marquee. This includes the lunch, the actual wedding ceremony, the speeches, the gifts distribution among the ladies, the dinner meal, and even a dance after all of that. Some guests don’t even leave the marquee, while others only do it to take some pictures. If the weather is great, than you can hold the entire ceremony outside, but it’s always good to have a back-up plan, and that’s where a marquee steps in.

Some people even like the weddings under a marquee so much that the set them up in the grounds of a hotel, and then let the hotel staff organize the whole thing, including the food, the drinks, the waiters, the music, the flower arrangements, decor, etc. Cap Marquees are a family run business and they mention that wedding marquees set the atmosphere and make the event even more amazing than it already is. This can be a great thing when organizing a wedding with a huge number of guests; it gives you more time to enjoy the day and join the fun without having to worry about every single thing all the time. Also, this is a great thing to consider, because when you’re next to a hotel, the wedding guests can just use the hotel facilities, can park their cars in the hotel’s parking lot, or can go upstairs to one of the rooms if they’re feeling tires or unwell. So, basically, these people are organizing a wedding with all the benefits a hotel has to offer, but still managing to keep it personal; all with the help of a marquee.

However, if you have a huge garden or a backyard, that would be a perfect place for a marquee. This is perfect for all the people out there who wish to organize a wedding near their own home, in which the newlyweds are going to live afterwards. This could be a bit more stressful or time consuming, but no one says that the happy couple has to do all the work – they can hire a wedding organizer or just have family members do it for them; it could be a nice wedding present. This also offers many benefits to the guests, including all the ones mentioned above, but just with the happy couple’s house instead of a hotel. It allows for a much more freedom, and is usually considered a lot more personal.

It is no wonder that more and more people are deciding to hire a marquee for their wedding; it offers many benefits and helps create a better atmosphere for a wedding party.